Packaged Beef Ordering Details

Grass Fed Beef

Contact us to place a deposit on a whole or side of Rhino’s Beef™.

The day your calf goes to the butcher, we will let you know the balance due for the “hanging weight”.  The butcher will slaughter and weigh the animal, minus intestines, hooves and such. (All that other stuff accounts for as much as half of the animal, but you aren’t paying for that.  You pay just for the “hanging weight”.)  Then we will dry age the beef before processing and packaging.

Packaging and processing will normally add approximately 20% to the quoted  “hanging weight” charge.

The heart, liver and tongue are yours. This is beef liver like our ancestors ate.

You are paying for everything that’s hanging, so you can have all the bones if you want them; you can decide which bones you want.

You can also specify which cuts you want ground into hamburger, how thick you want each cut and whether you want some or all of the cuts vacuum packed.  We will collect these details from you when your steer is hanging and waiting to be processed.  After the packaged beef is frozen solid, we will arrange a delivery date.

See the Prices page for information on the various cuts available from each part of your beef.