Grass Fed Beef, Breeding Stock

Little Bluestem Black Angus™ Feeder Calves

by formula:  $2.10 per pound + $0.85 x (800 lbs – weight on  transfer date)

 Little Bluestem Black Angus™ Bred Heifers & Bred Cows

Confirmed Blood Pregnancy Tests Prior To Sale

Experienced on The Eisbreaker

$2,500 First Calf Heifers

$3,000 Second Calf Heifers, history of an unassisted calf successfully  weaned

$3,500 4-yr. olds, history of two unassisted calves, both weaned

$2,500 Older Cows with increased calving intervals

Little Bluestem Black Angus™ Yearling Heifers, Breeding Quality

Experienced on The Eisbreaker

$2,000 weaned, vaccinated and dewormed

Yearling heifers not in the breeding program are sold as feeder calves.

Any Little Bluestem Black Angus™ cow or heifer that ever needs birthing assistance leaves our breeding program.  Any cow that fails to protect her newborn calf from predators also leaves our breeding program.  Little Bluestem Black Angus™  are not wild, from a human handler standpoint, but they are designed to calve out in the open pasture and protect their calves from predators.  Likewise, they have a healthy caution of strangers.