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At  Rhino’s Beef™  (home page) we are committed to maximizing our herd’s  natural protective tendency as our primary method of predator control.  This allows our cattle to calve more safely out on the range throughout the year and to more safely graze open pastures. We are accomplishing this through genetic selection as well as handling methods, as suggested by Temple Grandin.  Dr. Grandin’s research has shown that older cows are more vigilant in their environment, and that the tendency of cattle of all ages to be more vigilant can be quantified with careful observation.

Please note:  We are fortunate that wolves are not a significant predator in our area.  Coyotes are ubiquitous in our area.  No control method that we know of is completely effective against coyotes, although reinforcing the herd’s innate ability to protect their own calves is something we really focus on.  As we understand it, cattle have little success in deterring wolves.

We offer Rhino’s Belack Angus™  feeder calves and bred heifers that have mastered The Eisbreaker™ to producers who are interested in cattle with the following characteristics:

  1. a proven history of easy calving in pasture,
  2. a proven history of protecting calves from coyotes,
  3. a healthy caution of strangers,
  4. a proven history of performing well on a native grass/native grass hay/brome grass hay/alfalfa hay diet.  Nothing else, other than mineral supplements and plenty of clean water.
  5. a proven history of producing tender beef.

In order to supply grass-fed producers with long-weaned, grass-fed yearling calves in late fall, our herd begins calving just before Christmas.

We do genetic testing on our herd bulls and select our replacement heifers  based on performance.

If you are considering finishing a lone pair of Rhino’s Black Angus™ feeder calves, we have weaned calves available throughout the year..

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