Working Blue Merle Aussies

Our aussies are out with the cattle in the pasture daily.  They help load the calves to market, move the cattle between pastures, and retrieve the cattle when they get out.  They spend most of their time in the pasture flushing up small game, though. They seem to believe they should be full-time bird hunters.

Most importantly, our aussies are our family pets.  Our thick-coated aussies live outdoors the year around.  They keep the kids from going out towards the road.  They keep the deer out of the garden.  They keep coyotes away from the chicken coop.  They bark at strangers sometimes, but not usually, and lick the UPS man who brings them treats.

Sometimes they are quiet most of the night.  Sometimes they bark all night long, but that’s because they are working to keep our river bottom property clear of coyotes, raccoons, skunks, foxes, bobcats, opossums, rodents, moles, and every other thing that moves at night.  If the chickens get out of the chicken yard, they bring them up to the house and wait, guarding their find, until we get home.

These happy, healthy aussies get their litters off to a good start.  We part with the pups at 7-10 weeks of age at buyer preference.  We do not ship the puppies.

Our AKC puppies produce one or two litters per year.  Because we breed for longevity,  striving to produce a well-rounded, all-purpose aussie, we keep line-breeding (in-breeding) as close to zero as possible.

When we sell a puppy, we place no restriction on breeding rights,

Possible color variations from our litters include:

Black Tri – Black, White, Copper

Black Bi – Black and White

Red Tri – Red, White, Copper

Red Bi – Red and White

Blue Merle with Copper and White Trim

Blue Bi with White Trim