Rhino’s Beef™

Kansas Grass Fed Beef–Rhino’s Beef™

At Rhino’s Beef™,  we’re as much about the prairie as we are about the beef: all-natural, free range, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  Rhino’s Black Angus™ are a composite herd, assembled over several decades, the predominant contributor being black Angus.  Our cattle are raised in a humane, conscience driven, sustainable manner, without hormones or antibiotics (see Our Standards).

One driving focus is to produce superior, reasonably priced  beef (Whole or by the Side).  That focus strengthens the portion of our business devoted to supplying backyard, grass-fed producers  with Rhino’s Black Angus™ yearling calves and breeding stock.    At the same time, staying committed to supplying small producers with breeding stock and innovative products like The Eisbreaker™ hones our own ability to deliver quality grassfed beef.

Rhino’s Black Angus™ calve throughout the year.  That allows us to offer feeder calves of all sizes as well as bulk discounts for a wide variety of order sizes, while giving you an opportunity to custom tailor the packaging and  processing of your own beef.

You can select either a whole or side of  Rhino’s Beef™ and specify how you would like your beef processed and packaged.  (Place a deposit now to lock in this year’s prices for next year.  Returning customers have priority on orders placed before March 1.)


We are honored and blessed to be able to carry on the traditions of the many generations of Kansas ranchers who have come before us, some arriving here as early as 1854.    Jim Hoy’s 2009 essay in the Symphony in the Flint Hills Field Journal, Cattle in the Flint Hills, reminds us that we are not the first to be enveloped by  the splendor of this space.