Rhino’s Eisbreaker™

Our Cattle Break Their Own Ice

Rhino’s Eisbreaker™ solves winter.  No more need to get out to break ice and refill the stock tank on frigid winter days.  If your cattle have enough feed available for the day, they’re covered.

Rhino’s Black Angus™ have learned to break their own ice in our open, unheated stock tank using Rhino’s Eisbreaker™ .    They can all drink from an open tank like they prefer.  We are firmly convinced that when cattle are thirsty, like people, they are often far below optimal hydration levels.

We do everything we can to encourage cattle to drink even when they aren’t thirsty.  One thing that seems to help is to have fresh, clean water available to all of the cattle all of the time.  Additionally, the Eisbreaker™ incorporates a free-choice mineral feeder.  Cattle will come to mineral even when they aren’t thirsty.  Mineral consumption makes cattle thirsty.

Rhino’s Eisbreaker™ is independent of any external energy source.   This system requires $0 per month to operate. It does not require geothermal, solar, wind, battery or electrical energy.  The cows do all the work.


Other Products in the Pipeline:

Rhino’s™ Fluorescent Ear Tags:  Black cows on the roadway at night can present a real threat to the health and safety of motorists.  It doesn’t matter how good your fences are if a gate gets left open.  In most states, if the owner of the cattle does everything possible to mitigate a worst-case disaster, the courts will take that into account.  The real purpose of the tags though, is to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.  Our reflective ear tags are in beta plus plus plus.  Each year we think we finally have it perfected; and each year we have been humbled again by old man winter.  Please let us know if you would like to participate.

Rhino’s™ Freeze Branding System:  Freeze branding has been around more than 50 years, but many ranchers have had difficulty obtaining consistent results.  We spent several months in testing before applying our first brand.  Then, after finally developing a system that gave consistent results with our own brand, we went to work developing a system with broad application.  Please contact us if you are interested in giving it a try.