Typical Split Side of Rhino’s Beef

Typical Hind Quarter of Rhino’s™ Beef

30 – 16 oz. Gourmet Ground Beef

12 – 16 oz. Premium Stew Meat (Mostly from Rump Roasts)

10 – 12-oz. T-Bone Steak (1” thick)

6 – 12 oz. Top Sirloin Steak (1” thick)

6 – 12 oz. Liver

2 – 8 oz. Heart & Tongue

20 – pounds soup/dog bones

$448 Typical Rhino’s Charge for Hind Quarter (before taxes and processing)

Typical Front Quarter of Rhino’s™ Beef

Similar to Typical Hind Quarter – replacing Sirloin & T-bone with Rib Eye & Brisket.  Roasts may be made into Premium Stew Meat, as above.

$435 Typical Rhino’s Charge for Front Quarter (before taxes and processing)


Additional $86 approx. (optional vacuum packing extra $17 approx.)

Beef is dry aged for 10-14 days and custom processed to your specifications.

Processing at Krehbiel’s Specialty Meats, McPherson, KS

Krehbiel’s will collect processing charge when you pick up your beef.

See next available processing date and full range of order options.