100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

The term “grass finished” emphasizes the character of the grass and legume diet after the calves are completely weaned in the final phase of grass fed beef production.   Sometimes inferred, but not necessarily intended or implied, is that “grass finished” calves produce more tender and/or more marbled beef than calves that are referred to as simply “grass fed.”

“Grass finished” is not a label regulated by the USDA.  Consequently, meat from calves that have been both grass fed and grass finished is often referred to as simply “grass fed.”  We, too, generally refer to Little Bluestem Black Angus™ as simply  “grass fed,” aiming to under promise but over deliver with respect to marbling and tenderness.

Because producer’s of conventional beef sometimes use “grass fed/grain finished” to describe their beef, “grass finished” will likely persist in our lexicon. In Kansas , many beef calves (grass or grain finished) eat grass at mother’s side until weaned.

To be clear then, mother’s milk plus the lush bluestem  pastures of the Kansas hills, grass hay and alfalfa hay comprise 100% of the Little Bluestem Black Angus™ lifetime diet.  That’s what we mean by “grass fed/grass finished.”